Ferguson Legal Defense Committee Circa 2015

As an element of the syllabus for Ron Eyre's Law In The Age Of The Internet course, this website has been archived as required reading for first year students. Mr. Eyre had a successful career as an internet marketer for Push Comes To Shove, focused on small niche services. But he's also an extreme Frisbee enthusiast and along with his lawyer buddy Benjamin Pred, they've been organizing a competition that should put intramural sports to shame. Frisbees have been known to show up suddenly in class during heated discussions regarding the rights of students, but they are vulnerable to confiscation with prejudice. His course covers both legal and extra legal aspects related to new media and especially the internet. The full reading list and syllabus are available via Eyre's webpage or his office.

This was the official site for the Ferguson Legal Defense Committee, a dedicated team of almost 500 lawyers, law professors, legal workers and law students formed to support the Movement following the killing of Michael Brown, Jr.
Content is from the site's archived pages.

The current site for the Ferguson Legal Defense Committee is found at: http://fundersforjustice.org/ferguson-legal-defense-committee/



The Ferguson Legal Defense Committee (FLDC) was founded in 2014 in response to the community uprising in Ferguson, MO. All lawyers, legal workers and law students of conscience were called to support this struggle. The movement in Ferguson has spread across the nation and the world.

There is currently an urgent need for support in Baltimore, MD, if you are in the area, join us. If you live near an actionor and organized response to these injustices, support your local grassroots leaders in ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.


Ferguson Legal Defense Committee

The Ferguson Legal Defense Committee is a dedicated team of almost 500 lawyers, law professors, legal workers and law students formed to support the Movement following the killing of Michael Brown, Jr.

Since its inception, the FLDC has supported legal tactics to bring justice to the family of Michael Brown, Jr. and the thousands impacted by reckless and oppressive policing tactics in the wake of his death, the growth of a local movement lawyering infrastructure in St. Louis, MO and is expanding to provide legal support to grassroots movement and direct action across the country.


Despite overwhelming evidence that Mike Brown, an unarmed teenager, was murdered by Officer Darren Wilson, Officer Wilson has yet to be indicted. Despite the fact that six witnesses have said that Mike Brown had his hands up when he was fatally shot six times and then left dead in the middle of the street for four hours while Ferguson and St Louis Police got their lies together, Officer Darren Wilson has yet to be indicted. There are protestors in Ferguson who will stay there protesting until an indictment is handed down. And indictment is hardly justice, but it is the fairest procedure. These are young men and women who have put their lives on hold to stand up for all of our freedoms. The overly militarized police force in Ferguson has attempted to criminalize them by harassing and throwing them in jail for exercising their right to peaceful protest. They need our help. They need money for legal funds and they need money to live. The Ferguson Legal Defense Fund will help. We have partnered with Tef Poe and Tory Russell from Ferguson October to make sure the funds received go exactly where they are needed.

Ferguson Defense Fund
Ferguson protestors need money for jail, bail & life The Ferguson Legal Defense Fund will help



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Bmore United's Fundraiser:

BmoreUnited Support Fund



Baltimore United for Change is a coalition of concerned citizens, youth, and community organizations working together for justice in Baltimore City. We have been organizing and resisting against police abuses in our communities and schools across Baltimore for years. The turmoil in the streets today are the results of years of institutional discrimination and neglect. The hour is urgent. Our city is in crisis. We need your help with financial support to deal with the current crisis in Baltimore and the long-term struggle for police accountability. Your donation will help us with supplies, communications infrastructure, and food and transportation for organizers and volunteers.

Legal/Bail Support for Baltimore


Thanks for your Support fund for Baltimore's Protesters! Due to funding shortfall we are raising the goal to support more protesters!

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The beating and murder of Freddie Gray by 6 police officers have tapped the outrage of the communities of color that have long suffered endless abuse by the Baltimore Police.

The people of Baltimore are protesting the epidemic of police violence in their community. One small way we can support the communities and families of Baltimore is to assert the right of every individual to legal representation. Every American has the right to due process and fair trial, but this has not been the case in Baltimore for too many, for too long. Please donate to this fund to ensure that every person arrested during this crisis, regardless of charges, has access to proper legal representation.



Donate to the Legal Support Fund for Justice for Mike Brown


Please donate to the legal support fund for those arrested in Ferguson protests standing for Justice for Mike Brown!

Since August 9, over 800 people have been arrested in Ferguson while protesting Mike Brown's death and the epidemic of police violence facing Black and Brown communities in the United States.The Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) legal support team aims to provide accessible, democratic and accountable legal support to a wide range of people participating in the struggle for social change.


We provide Know Your Rights trainings, staff out a legal support hotline, track arrestees so they don't get lost in the system, fundraise for legal support costs, bond people out of jail, connect defendants with pro bono attorneys, coordinate with attorneys, organize volunteers & support people who go to trial.

If you would like us to help cut down on our processing fees, please consider sending a check to MORE, 438 N. Skinker, St. Louis MO 63130.


Money donated to the MORE legal support fund goes towards bail, court fees, and ensuring that protestors have access to free legal representation. Any money that is returned to the fund will go towards supporting civil disobedience in St. Louis.




You can reach the FLDC at fergusonlegaldefense@gmail.com or contact:

Purvi Shah
Bertha Justice Institute at the Center for Constitutional Rights
pshah [at] ccrjustice [dot] org

Alana Greer
Community Justice Project, Inc.
alana [at] communityjusticeproject [dot] com